“I was at a reading shortly after the election, and the poet (who was black) was reading gorgeous poems, which had some consistent and exciting flower imagery. A woman (who was white) behind me—who thought she was whispering to her neighbor—said ‘How can black people write about flowers at a time like this?’ I thought it was so absurd in a way that didn’t make me angry but made me curious. What is the black poet to be writing about ‘at a time like this’ if not to dissect the attractiveness of a flower—that which can arrive beautiful and then slowly die right before our eyes? I thought flowers were the exact thing to write about at a time like this, so I began this series of poems, all with the same title. I thought it was much better to grasp a handful of different flowers, put them in a glass box, and see how many angles I could find in our shared eventual demise.” —Hanif Abdurraqib

How Can Black People Write About Flowers at a Time Like This
Hanif Abdurraqib

Forgive me, for I have been nurturing my well-worn
grudges against beauty. I am hoping my neighbors
will show some mercy on me for backing my car into
the garden & crushing what I will say were the peonies.
a flower with a short season. born dying. some might say
it’s a blessing to know your entrances & exits. forgive me, for
I have once again been recklessly made responsible
for the curation of softness & have instead returned with another
torrent of viciousness. in the brief moment of their flourish,
at the opening of spring, I drove across state lines to gather peonies for a woman
who loved me once. as a way of surrender, I pull the already
dying thing from the earth in a mess of tangled knots & I insist
that you must keep it alive for a year, even after it so desperately
wants to be done with the foolishness of its living. The last thing
I ask of this relationship is to burden you with another relationship.
it is so delicious to define the misery you are putting a body out of.
& just like that, we are talking about power. how awful this must be for you
I whispered as I closed my eyes & put the car into reverse.


New book coming soon

Every flower was wild and every plant was a weed, 2019
Edition of 200
186mm x 260mm, 16pp
Riso printed cover and interior



Upset with the entire self


Eunice Luk and Shokki
Unfound, Museum of Pseudoarchaeology
Mumei. Tokyo, Japan.
July 27 - August 5, 2018

Unfound displays a survey of 60 questionable objects and ceramic materials for the first time from a fictional excavation by the Suna River in the Mount Sanyo area. The investigation, accompanied by a comprehensive catalogue and exhibition audio guide presents the research and hypothesis of Dr. Kitsutsuki Shiro. The objects are examined and given detailed descriptions of their aesthetics: from the choice of clay, forms and surface treatments as well as their assumed functions and production methods. The study of the artifacts offers insight to the lifestyle and customs of a puzzling time and imagined culture. The fictional excavation provides viewers the distance to review their personal relationships with present day objects and materials. The contemplation of a certain monument or artwork, furniture, a ‘healing’ crystal or a favourite tool in their homes and workplaces are brought to mind for their aesthetics and functions. The reflection of manufactured, fabricated or handmade objects challenge viewers to reconsider their connection to and the immaterial value of the physical object.

Unfoundでは、架空の発掘調査報告として、山陽地方「砂川」から発掘された60点にもわたる、謎の物体や陶器などを展示する。きつつきしろう博士の調査と仮説が、詳細な出土品のカタログと自動音声ガイドによって、説明される。発掘品は分析され、土の種類、形状、表面の処理方法のみならず、用途の想定、制作方法まで、詳細な考察がつけられている。これら出土品の研究は、空想上にある、謎めいた、時代・文化習慣や生活様式に対する洞察を与えてくれるだろう。本展示は、鑑賞者に、自らと現代の生活用品や物との関係に対する批評眼をもたらす。職場や自宅にあるモ二ュメントや美術、家具、癒しの水晶、愛着ある道具の外観や機能に対する新たな気づきをもたらす。大量生産品、加工品、手製品への考察は、鑑賞者に、自身と物質の関係性、また、それら物質がどんな価値をもたらしているの か、再考を促す。

Installation view, “Unfound, Museum of Pseudoarchaeology" (2018). Mumei. Tokyo, Japan.
Installation view photos by Fuyumi Murata and individual work photos by Shokki.


Eunice Luk, 'Brush the Duck' at void. Until November 5th, 2017.

Eunice Luk, 'Brush the Duck' at void in Asagaya, Tokyo.
October 18th - November 5th, 2017.

Special musical performance by まいわい , Masahiro Takahashi and Eunice Luk on October 28th.


1 year...


precious dust


Miniature slab paintings