&&& i'm in love with this album right now:

xx/to/tt ? hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?vwgummuxzmm

last year:

last year was okay. i tried drawing more than ever in 2008 but i was more satisfied with the 2007 stuff. i took printmaking over the summer and it changed my workflow quite a bit. printmaking is just a lot of work to sum it up, but it's very well worth it.

otherwise, i got a stupid photo published in cmyk in may? that was a major failure because i submitted mostly illustrations. oh well, i think i should submit to some illustration annuals again this year. at the end of 2008, i collaborated a lot and had pieces mailed to an art gallery, and had a holiday show with a bunch of rad people. i made several posters for people and myself. i loved doing that. the best thing that happened was i did a poster of magic weapon (http://www.myspace.com/magicweapon) for school and the band actually liked it. i was thrilled but the thrill died...

i quit smoking if i ever started. & stopped getting drunk constantly as i used to.

i also realized this year that i loveeee biking.
i bike as much as i can even when there's snow outside (i'm cuckoo).

mmm i hung out with teddy a lot. we always have crazy ideas and love working at night too much. we cut out lino at home, stamped with sponge pads, made deviled eggs, tried gocco, bicycled and experimented with screenprinting.

beginning of the year, i was in hong kong for the holidays, then i went to visit my mom in germany, then we had a little trip to frankfurt, also to london for great indian food and tate modern. hehe and then i went again this christmas to duisberg and spent nine days sick sipping on the german version of neo citran & a new years eve in the emergency.

whatever, i had fun.

2009 makes me nervous.