‘RUGS’ is a handbound hardcover publication that gathers work from seven emerging illustrators whose work explore different erratic and humorous viewpoints. The book focuses on illustrations that share a similar graphic aesthetics and eccentric appeal.
It is now available via FANTASY CAMP
$45.00 + Shipping.

Wow - I have been working on these books for so long now. I am so satisfied with how they turned out. Big thank you to Vesna Asanovic, Anjo Chiang, Ted Gudlat, Diana Luong, Nolan Pelletier and Vivian Rosas. The little book is nothing without the six other artists who contributed their work. It's been one of the most challenging projects for me this year - certainly labour intensive but the results are so worth it.

For the past two years, I've been extremely inspired by the work of Jesjit Gill. His work definitely encouraged me to do more with printmaking - and this year, I saw it as a way to put my work into context, a simple dialogue in the form of a book. It is definitely motivating seeing someone so dedicated to his work ethics - continuously producing impeccable work after work. I strongly suggest checking out CAVE MIND, Jesjit's limited edition art publication. Pure gold.

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meeeeeeeeowwwwwww - thank you!