ocadu student press x ocadu student gallery:
workshop one: perfect binding + glue dying and exposed mull + soft cover

thank you everyone for attending the first ever workshop ! i hope you enjoyed it. thank you to lisa macdonald for being an amazing partner to lead and organize these workshops with. she is an incredible designer and someone who will go extra miles to make everything perfect. thank you to vanessa and caroline of the student gallery for hosting our events in their space. thank you to shift for giving me the opportunity to be part of the amazing team ! thank you to our assistants, marisa and joana for their time and effort to make sure everything run smoothly. it was a pleasure really and i certainly look forward to the next four workshops in 2012 !

if you'd like to sign up for a spot in one of our workshops...please follow this link to register. please have a look and consider supporting the press - you can purchase a new copy of shift at art metropole, ocadu student gallery, swipe books or online!

photo credit to our wonderful participants, daniel kim and lisa sigebrand.