It's this weekend ! Zine Dream is my favourite small press fair in Toronto. Zine Dream 6 launched last night at Art Metropole with an Innen + Nieves window display and an in-store zine exhibition. So many interesting out-of-print zines. I came across a cool Snoopy zine by Ken Kagami. So funny, Charlie Brown Snoopy, Hello Kitty Snoopy, Penis Snoopy...so many wacky Snoopys. You should check out the exhibition at Art Metropole ~ it will be up until the 28th of August.
This year, Seth Scriver made an awesome Zine Dream design (top). There will be limited tote bags and t-shirts with the design available at Zine Dream on Sunday at the Tranzac. My favourite tote bag right now ! Come ! Begins at Noon at the Tranzac ~ Bloor n' Brunswick. You won't regret it ~ 
Alicia and I collaborated on our second project. We made a poster and printed it two nights ago. It was so much fun seeing the b/w layers turn into a warm, beautiful Bermuda Sunset. It'll be available at Zine Dream this Sunday ! We got some available now at Art Metropole as well.

'Dusty Dusk' ~ Alicia Nauta and Eunice Luk