got a year older, taught a bookbinding workshop, made veggie pot stickers, built some pots, studio 9-3, went to montreal, had my first firing : beautiful, blinding white and orange glow... ♥ its been a ok !

don't miss this:

poster by jesjit gill. punchclock showcase this saturday at double double land 9pm ! ! ! ! it's gonna be really special - i went to a punchclock showcase few years back and i had such a good time... now we're gonna put one on at double double land. it will be a very special opening night unveiling the new wallpapered staircase by alicia nauta. she did an amazing job organizing the event and i'm so excited to hear new fries play. drink some tequila specials... ya ! come to it. ohhhh i'm also making some stage decor so... come ! if you can't make it to the special night.. come by punchclock on sunday (104 - 251 sorauren ave). we're having a print sale ! come chill n we can chat about the ridiculous amount of samosas we'll be serving. 1-8pm