Sarah Rara: I’ve always been a collector of bells and bell-sounds. Bells are so significant to me—a bell has a specific and very sincere way of marking an event, a moment in time. Starting from the bell, you can begin to think of sound in a different way. Imagine the waveform, visualize the attack and decay, imagine sound as a change in air pressure, or imagine sound as punctuating a moment, bracketing a specific duration. So many approaches to sound all seem perfectly encapsulated in a bell.
In 2012 I started a bell hotline called “Ring A Bell” that anyone can call 24 hours a day. Every caller gets a different bell. “Ring A Bell” has become a way to archive the different bell sounds that I’ve collected during my travels. The number is +1 213-223-6101. Call anytime to ring a bell.

From Ooga Booga. So good... Sarah Rara ♥. What a pleasant phone call. +1 213-223-6101