So much new work. Hoping to make a book with these when I have a chance...

'Chain-link to no where'
'Night in from the beating rain'
'Potential 1-2-3s'
'Pick me up a banana'
'Palm tree tumbling down a landslide'
'Fruit Bowl in Pitch Black'
'How to read a poem'

I'm preparing two publications for my new press, 'Slow Editions' launching at the New York Art Book Fair ! First one will be Hanna Hur's 'Get Well Soon' - truly beautiful work by Hanna and I'm so happy this is the first publication of 'Slow Editions' !  Second is a new collaboration of work between Alicia Nauta and myself. New drawings and collages stemmed from the window installation we recently did at Art Metropole, co-published with Alicia's Klassic Kool Shoppe. I'm also going to have new t-shirts by Masanao Hirayama ! Very excited about these ! Will definitely post sooner to the fair... for now check out, Sloweditions.com