it's nice to finally have a free day away from work - not having to rush and be late.

too busy to make art - which is incredibly sad but i finally managed to peek at the amazing works of other fine artists at narwhal today. it felt much more comfortable observing art not on the opening night - positively calming.

i'm debating again whether i should get that stupid/crappy 50 mm lens. it'll make photographing small-er things easier and it's relatively inexpensive. really just evaluating the real need to photograph anything digitally.

i think i am semi disappointed with myself for not having enough time to make a small show happen. lack of time and motivation to get things done. i really need to work a lot harder next year in order to produce more, efficiently.

here's an animation i made for class - though i have to agree that i am still very useless with after effects and maybe in another life, i will have a better understanding of animating anything.

christmas is approaching way too quickly and since most of my days are spent at work, i really haven't done much shopping until today. there are too many people everywhere.
i'm excited to spend this christmas in toronto with teddy's family. but i definitely can't wait to see my mom in less than 10 days in asiaaaa.

hope everyone is enjoying the weekend before the big day.