not so cool photo booth dump:

mid-december print madness

this is how i plan my three thousand words essays

best christmas present for three year old boy, gavin.

these took forever - i'm still not done

made this for a little girl

the most ridiculously cute chocolate

the mess.


i haven't seen my keys for a few days now. i hope they are still somewhere in the apartment.

today, i held all my guts together with my big yellow scarf and waited in a courtroom to challenge for yet another driving ticket. thankfully, my wasted mind started imagining cats running around in the room while the others were being prosecuted. it made things way less nerve wracking.

how do you keep your bike lock defrost when you must park it outside at night?

not/very/productive - but extremely busy

ughhh! i don't have time to do anything unless i stay up until 4 am each morning.